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12:30 PAIRS: Open/0-1000/0-50


12:30 PAIRS: Open/0-500-NLM


12:30  PAIRS: Open/0-1000/0-20 Lesson Game


12:30 PAIRS: Open/0-500-NLM
6:30 SUITS BRIDGE CLUB Pairs Open/99er


12:30 PAIRS Open Pairs/0-1000/0-20 Lesson Game


9:00 Lesson and Duplicate Lite: Relaxed Game with 18/20 boards

9:30 Bridge Basics 1 Hr. Lesson 2 hours supervised play (based on lesson)



1:oo Open Pairs

Third Sunday is Swiss Teams

Check calendar for frequent changes

Monthly Master Point Leaders

2019 Master Point Leaders

Markland Jones 114.61Murali Nair 80.03Richard Peress 112.85Malcolm Kaiser 62.87Ellen O'hara 50.80John James 22.50
Scott Donaldson 114. 10Eva Berlin 62.00Dennis Mitchel 52.39Hugh Kirkpatrick 49.45Janis Merrill 44.29John Lipon 11.48
Jerry Gaer 103.88Maurice Evens 32.24Jess Cohen 42.61Judy Silberman 42.56Jack Naberdrick 27.68Kay Hautman 10.59
Ken Klein 81.51Mark Gross 27.15Carron Landau 47.41Mohammed Mohiuddin 38.66Ellen Zimmerman 24.96Carmel Robbins 10.18
Bill Parks 73.48Larry Anfinson 26.45Richard Sentner 43.50Stan Segal 38.46Lynn Holmes 24.63Sharon Applewhite 9.90

June Master Point Leaders

Scott Donaldson 31.22Eve Berlin 16.13Richard Peress 21.97Malcolm Kaiser 10.06Ellen O'Hara14.58 Kaye Haute 5.10
Jerry Gaer 26.22Murali nair 12.19 Carron Landau 12.20Steve Schaffner 14.87Janis Merrill 12.98 4.91 John James
Markland Jones 23.57Mark Gross 6.31Susan Kay Schultz 11.86Barb L. 13.27Gene Banucci 8.20 Sharon Applewhite 2.76
Victor Quiros III 17.97Lilo Pouh 5.28Mary Hirschfeld 9.61Les. Seldon 9.06Dale Block 5.23 Marilyn Reinherz 2.35
Joan Beuchel 13.15Kelly Aanonson 4.92Jim Miller 9.04Stan Segal 8.42 Abby Renfroe 4.97 Bing Bailey 1.89
Allan Salem 13.07Clark Ransom 3.73Kandi Osborne 8.39Harold Saferstein 8.42Joyce Speer 4.96 Sue Buri 1.84
15.40 Monique GreeneJoy Balser 3.73Vivienne Cummings 5.54Carol Urben 7.99 Lynne Holmes 4.76 Stephen Bottfeld 1.82
Mary Olsky 10.30Bill Ahern 2.64Rosemary Kerwin 5.46Judy Silberman 7.84 Suzanne May 4.43 Phyllis Banucci1 .76
13.12 Ned KohlerPage Tompkinson 2.08Dennis Mitchell 5.0Diana Winston 7.82 Cathie Galloway3 .98 Katrina Kokjohn 1.73
Gayle Quiros 10.15Barbara Paton 2.08Deborah Weiss 4.07Robert Carver 7.33 Sherry Middlemas 3.88 1.62 Trish Schulte

Zero Tolerance

In Tempo has adopted
The American Contract Bridge League's Zero Tolerance Policy

Behavior that is considered rude, boorish or unsportsmanlike receives a 1/4 board penalty

The following are some examples of intolerant behaviors:

  • ​Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats, or violence
  • ​Negative comments concerning partner's or opponent's play or bidding.
  • ​Constant or gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table (that's why we have postmortem)
  • Loud and disruptive arguing with director's ruling

We encourage everyone to be friendly, greet others when they arrive at the table, be a good host (or guest), be encouraging to your partner and opponent's. Call the director by using a pleasant voice and saying "director please". ​​